Saturday in Guernsey

Much better weather than we thought it would be and a lovely walk this morning along the coast by the hotel.

A stop for coffee where I gave the proprietor a Canadian 10 cent piece, where did that come from? And he showed me a 1961 French Franc that someone had palmed off on him earlier. He was obviously on a small change alert. Then onwards to St Michel du Valle, a pretty little church whose interior was unfortunately covered in scaffolding. But much to Mary’s surprise it was open.

Back along the coast for a pub lunch and then off on a mini bus to Island Radio, Guernseys commercial radio. They had one main studio, the walls covered in carpet! RFP please note. I have been on about carpet tiles for some time.


Very smart set up and a very friendly guy who showed us round who is coming to talk later after dinner. Then to Jubilee Hospital Radio our hosts and a look round their studios.

Great sign, we should have one at Frimley. Nice little set up and a large area to the right of the mixing desk. Someone then mentioned Myriad 5 and I felt quite faint…..RFP folk will understand.

No one ever knows where to put the keyboard. Now we do. So that was that. Dinner tonight……be afraid be very afraid!


From both of us thank you for reading. M & M 🎤👍🍷🍷

Still Guernsey

Dinner last night was a bit of a disaster. We both had crab cakes to start, which tasted mostly of potato and not a lot of crab. The was no a la cart menu but because they were so not busy, they did offer us the bar menu as well. Mary plumped for scampi and chips. The scampi was over cooked and the chips were white, limp and basically inedible. She took the burnt outer coating off the scampi, left quite a few and all of the chips. I had sea bream which was pretty tasteless. The new potatoes and veg were OK. A  bland fruit salad for desert brought a very unmemorable meal to a conclusion. We were not charged for the scampi.

The room has a sea view, is pleasantly large and a seperate toilet from the bathroom, that neither of us can say we have ever seen in any hotel.


But the double bed I think is the smallest we have ever slept in, in all our travels round the globe!

So off for another walk after a pleasant breakfast. Hope these fish are not too frightened by the starving dinner guests!


Going to see the hospital radio this afternoon. And at least the sun is shining.

Thanks for reading M & M ⛵️🍷🍷