Reflections on Venice.

So we are back. Huge delay at Gatwick. Landed at 1-40, twenty minutes early on the stand. No staff to open the door! Finally after ten minute wait to baggage reclaim…..wait…..for over one hour for the luggage to appear. “Bags blocking the door”…….heard that excuse before. It’s clever because it throws the whole fault of your lateness back on the Italian baggage handlers. Love to know the true story. Can we have been so unlucky that the same fault has happened before? Thank you lovely Hannah for getting Dillon from the cattery, otherwise he would have had to stay until Tuesday!!


But Venice. We have decided it is not old folk friendly. Not us, of course, still Spring chickens but if you live there and travel on those Vaporetto water born buses, they really are not old folk friendly. Steps, swaying boarding planks all bloody difficult to negotiate if you are in any way infirm. Also the tourists get in the bloody way. You are old, you need to sit down; bugger me some young bloody tourist taking a selfie is sitting in one of the ‘reserved’ for ageing persons seats. We really felt that tourists should have one means of transport and Vaporettos purely for ‘local inhabitants’ should be allowed so that not everybody is flung together. I know, I know, the London tubes and trains aren’t like that but hey they are a bit bigger, come on be fair.

And then there is the problem of ill health. You are suddenly struck down and what happens? Well a water ambulance has to get as close as it can to you, and then the crew have to man/woman handle everything they need on trolleys to get to you. This takes time. Tourists are in the way, streets are really very narrow, stairs and foot bridges have to be negotiated. So “Dear mum, I have taken lodgings in Venice and become a painter.” has serious connotations attached to it. Life is not that simple.

Finally why, oh why, do they have those open drain covers in bathrooms? Just so like Greece, where they are common. But we were in a room on the first floor and there in the middle of the floor was a drain hole. Now that’s fine but I really had to make sure that hole was covered by a towel every time I took my contact lenses out………just in case. Anyone who wears lenses will understand totally what I am talking about. Those lenses can fly out of your hands and disappear in an instant even in a bathroom without a central drain.

So that’s it back home, all quiet, and lots of memories.

imageDidn’t take enough of these night time pictures.

An extraordinary experience! As I said so lucky to experience it. So from both of us thank you for reading and till the next time, take care. M & M 🍷🍷🍸🍸🎭🎭