Murano for a day out.

Wonderful news first thing……..the earring is found! It magically appeared on Mary’s bedside table. The sun shone again and we went off in the 10-40 Vaporetto from St.Marks Square to Murano.

A lovely pair of knockers for Malcolm!

The whole place seemed so tranquil after the hubbub of Venice.

A happy accordionist serenaded us as we headed for the glass museum. The above is a layout of a Venetian garden. And there were other fine examples of clever glass ware.

But also some very pretty pieces.

Superb, intricate, tiny work.

The church of Santa Maria e Donato had a spectacular floor which was 12 century and was open at around 12-30 despite our guide book saying it would be closed.

A light lunch took us onward to a short glass blowing exhibition. The chap seemed to specialise in horses.

The one on the left is newly made and still cooling down. Murano is such a pretty place and we had missed it in 2009, due to fog and we were so pleased that we visited at last.

imageimageMary bought a new pair of earrings, celebrating finding her favourite old ones! The day was just beautiful. As you can see we ate outside.

Back on the Vaporetto and then walking towards the hotel we passed a great Pizza shop and also a handbag shop that had been spotted the day before! It had to be done said a very happy Mary. A picture of the purchase tomorrow perhaps?

Thank you for reading M & M šŸŽ­šŸøšŸøšŸ¹šŸ¹ xxxxx