Wednesday cloudy bright but dry.

A cool wind today but the sun shone and the old photographic setting would have been ‘cloudy bright’ for those old enough to remember it. We took the Vaporetto to the Lido, travelling a large portion of the Canal Grande.

We then had a little adventure on a bus that was supposed to take us to a picturesque village, which somehow we completely missed (the village not the bus!) and ended up back at the Lido after an interesting circular tour. Time for a light lunch of bruschetta caprese, Mary thought, but it turned up rather bigger than she thought:


And you could have had this as a starter but Mary wisely decided to have it as a ‘main’! So back on the the Vaporetto and to a museum. Ca d’oro was the name and the exhibits and views were stunning, the area it was in was home to Marco Polo, Titian and Tintoretto.

image        Back towards the Canale Grande.

A pair of knockers for my chum Malcolm but not quite what I was looking for! The lion overlooks the Canale Grande from the museum.


Then onwards to Santa Maria dei Mirasoli, a church with a fabulous ceiling.

Can anyone explain why Italian toilets don’t have seats? The one in the restaurant didn’t, nor did the one in the museum.

The toilet in the museum.

But it is Easter out here obviously and the shop windows are full of wonderful things. I will crack shortly I’m sure and just have to buy something really wicked.

Back to the hotel for a welcoming gin and tonic and below the view from the lounge window. Many gondolas pass under the bridge.


Tomorrow the weather forecast is again sunny and dry. How very lucky we have been.

Thank you for reading M & M xxxx 🎭 🍷🍷🍾