How much?

Walked the lunch off and we are very close to St.Marks Square; so just a perfect position.



Many more gondolas knocking about than last time but it was December 31st, so I guess only the hardy ventured out for a punt.



We stayed on board the Michelangelo last time we were here and she said hello by sailing past us on day one! Quite cool today in the shade but glorious in the sunshine.

imageThis guy obviously had paid far too many visits to Slimming World!


My first of what will be a fine collection of Venice knockers, I hope, for my chum Malcolm to admire. He does enjoy a good Italian knocker. Mary lost a really favourite earring; the butterfly fell off somewhere on transit in the plane. She secured the earrings in her glasses case but after lunch the wretched thing had simply vanished. Not a happy bunny.

imageSo not too sure if we are happy or sad! A good evening meal may mellow the situation and some forward planning for tomorrow may rekindle the excitement. And lashings of Chianti might help. But having paid 23 euros for two cappuccinos at the end of our walk, we may well need more than Chianti to dull the pain in the wallet! 😱

Thanks for reading M & M 😀🍹🎭