Four more sleeps. Well, three and a half actually!

imageWe are staying at the Ca Alvise Hotel for the duration. Google it; looks rather plush and exotic, some may say over the top! Only 28 rooms, all soundproof. Now that did get us thinking. The hotel in Greece could have done with that, with those laughing, talking folks we had for a couple of nights next door. Suddenly I couldn’t stop thinking of that film from way back ‘Don’t look now’ and then taking a line from another film and and twisting it to “In Venice they can’t hear you scream”.

I said at the top ‘three and a half’ because Monday morning will see us rising at about three a.m. Let’s hope the Venice weather stays like it is in the UK at the moment. Euros are in the wallet, passports are standing by and our Venice map is packed.

Take care M & M. 🍷✈️✈️