Reflections on Venice.

So we are back. Huge delay at Gatwick. Landed at 1-40, twenty minutes early on the stand. No staff to open the door! Finally after ten minute wait to baggage reclaim…..wait…..for over one hour for the luggage to appear. “Bags blocking the door”…….heard that excuse before. It’s clever because it throws the whole fault of your lateness back on the Italian baggage handlers. Love to know the true story. Can we have been so unlucky that the same fault has happened before? Thank you lovely Hannah for getting Dillon from the cattery, otherwise he would have had to stay until Tuesday!!


But Venice. We have decided it is not old folk friendly. Not us, of course, still Spring chickens but if you live there and travel on those Vaporetto water born buses, they really are not old folk friendly. Steps, swaying boarding planks all bloody difficult to negotiate if you are in any way infirm. Also the tourists get in the bloody way. You are old, you need to sit down; bugger me some young bloody tourist taking a selfie is sitting in one of the ‘reserved’ for ageing persons seats. We really felt that tourists should have one means of transport and Vaporettos purely for ‘local inhabitants’ should be allowed so that not everybody is flung together. I know, I know, the London tubes and trains aren’t like that but hey they are a bit bigger, come on be fair.

And then there is the problem of ill health. You are suddenly struck down and what happens? Well a water ambulance has to get as close as it can to you, and then the crew have to man/woman handle everything they need on trolleys to get to you. This takes time. Tourists are in the way, streets are really very narrow, stairs and foot bridges have to be negotiated. So “Dear mum, I have taken lodgings in Venice and become a painter.” has serious connotations attached to it. Life is not that simple.

Finally why, oh why, do they have those open drain covers in bathrooms? Just so like Greece, where they are common. But we were in a room on the first floor and there in the middle of the floor was a drain hole. Now that’s fine but I really had to make sure that hole was covered by a towel every time I took my contact lenses out………just in case. Anyone who wears lenses will understand totally what I am talking about. Those lenses can fly out of your hands and disappear in an instant even in a bathroom without a central drain.

So that’s it back home, all quiet, and lots of memories.

imageDidn’t take enough of these night time pictures.

An extraordinary experience! As I said so lucky to experience it. So from both of us thank you for reading and till the next time, take care. M & M 🍷🍷🍸🍸🎭🎭



One more sleep and it’s all over!

Slightly cooler today but another museum this time of modern and contemporary art and an oriental exhibition and two more churches.

Finest pair of the day for Malcolm.

We walked to the Rialto bridge, which is completely covered in scaffolding and work sheets. You can’t see it nor can you see off it.

That bag purchase I promised a photograph of.

Well, well, neither of us were expecting the thinker to turn up.

It didn’t say it was a copy.

This painting was really off the wall!

Emelda felt completely underdressed for the picnic.

We even managed to ‘check in’ on line whilst in the museum, called Ca’Pesaro. This meant when we returned to the hotel we could email it to them to print off our boarding passes for us. The Canal Grande looked wonderful.

And the smaller ones just begged to be photographed. So we have finished a great break. Tomorrow will see us on a plane by lunchtime, so our last meal tonight is back to our favourite restaurant Antico Martini.

To hell with the expense and even the calories…it has to be done!

A priceless Murano chandelier and a wonderful Chinese chess set.

And below the oldest church in Venice.

San Giacomo di Rialto.

We have had a ball. We hope you have enjoyed the sights as much as we have. Two very lucky people. Thank you so much for reading and stay well. M & M 🎭🍰✈️✈️


Murano for a day out.

Wonderful news first thing……..the earring is found! It magically appeared on Mary’s bedside table. The sun shone again and we went off in the 10-40 Vaporetto from St.Marks Square to Murano.

A lovely pair of knockers for Malcolm!

The whole place seemed so tranquil after the hubbub of Venice.

A happy accordionist serenaded us as we headed for the glass museum. The above is a layout of a Venetian garden. And there were other fine examples of clever glass ware.

But also some very pretty pieces.

Superb, intricate, tiny work.

The church of Santa Maria e Donato had a spectacular floor which was 12 century and was open at around 12-30 despite our guide book saying it would be closed.

A light lunch took us onward to a short glass blowing exhibition. The chap seemed to specialise in horses.

The one on the left is newly made and still cooling down. Murano is such a pretty place and we had missed it in 2009, due to fog and we were so pleased that we visited at last.

imageimageMary bought a new pair of earrings, celebrating finding her favourite old ones! The day was just beautiful. As you can see we ate outside.

Back on the Vaporetto and then walking towards the hotel we passed a great Pizza shop and also a handbag shop that had been spotted the day before! It had to be done said a very happy Mary. A picture of the purchase tomorrow perhaps?

Thank you for reading M & M 🎭🍸🍸🍹🍹 xxxxx

Wednesday cloudy bright but dry.

A cool wind today but the sun shone and the old photographic setting would have been ‘cloudy bright’ for those old enough to remember it. We took the Vaporetto to the Lido, travelling a large portion of the Canal Grande.

We then had a little adventure on a bus that was supposed to take us to a picturesque village, which somehow we completely missed (the village not the bus!) and ended up back at the Lido after an interesting circular tour. Time for a light lunch of bruschetta caprese, Mary thought, but it turned up rather bigger than she thought:


And you could have had this as a starter but Mary wisely decided to have it as a ‘main’! So back on the the Vaporetto and to a museum. Ca d’oro was the name and the exhibits and views were stunning, the area it was in was home to Marco Polo, Titian and Tintoretto.

imageΒ  Β  Β  Β Β Back towards the Canale Grande.

A pair of knockers for my chum Malcolm but not quite what I was looking for! The lion overlooks the Canale Grande from the museum.


Then onwards to Santa Maria dei Mirasoli, a church with a fabulous ceiling.

Can anyone explain why Italian toilets don’t have seats? The one in the restaurant didn’t, nor did the one in the museum.

The toilet in the museum.

But it is Easter out here obviously and the shop windows are full of wonderful things. I will crack shortly I’m sure and just have to buy something really wicked.

Back to the hotel for a welcoming gin and tonic and below the view from the lounge window. Many gondolas pass under the bridge.


Tomorrow the weather forecast is again sunny and dry. How very lucky we have been.

Thank you for reading M & M xxxx 🎭 🍷🍷🍾

Beautiful Day

Felt odd to be enjoying ourselves as the news from Belgium just got worse and worse. But life must go on; where in the world is safe from these crazed people?

Some shots from the day but first the hotel interior.


This is our bedroom and below the breakfast room.


A little over the Top! However breakfast was excellent and the sun shone all day.


View from San Marco to San Giorgio Maggiore. And another shot of yet more gondolas.



San Marco got pretty crowded. Mary enjoyed her lunch; I of course just had lettuce.

Yummy Pizza!








Oh dear just lettuce? Then why is my nose growing?

imageThere is more to tell but the iPad battery has gone very low and even leaving it on charge while we ate it hasn’t gained much. So fair well from sunny Venice for tonight. I’ll leave you with a couple more pictures.

Thank you for reading M & M 🍷🍾🍸🍷🎭

How much?

Walked the lunch off and we are very close to St.Marks Square; so just a perfect position.



Many more gondolas knocking about than last time but it was December 31st, so I guess only the hardy ventured out for a punt.



We stayed on board the Michelangelo last time we were here and she said hello by sailing past us on day one! Quite cool today in the shade but glorious in the sunshine.

imageThis guy obviously had paid far too many visits to Slimming World!


My first of what will be a fine collection of Venice knockers, I hope, for my chum Malcolm to admire. He does enjoy a good Italian knocker. Mary lost a really favourite earring; the butterfly fell off somewhere on transit in the plane. She secured the earrings in her glasses case but after lunch the wretched thing had simply vanished. Not a happy bunny.

imageSo not too sure if we are happy or sad! A good evening meal may mellow the situation and some forward planning for tomorrow may rekindle the excitement. And lashings of Chianti might help. But having paid 23 euros for two cappuccinos at the end of our walk, we may well need more than Chianti to dull the pain in the wallet! 😱

Thanks for reading M & M πŸ˜€πŸΉπŸŽ­