We made it we are here!

Flight from Heathrow absolutely bang on time. We ended up with a Mercedes automatic from Avis, no idea how, but best car I have had in Greece so who cares! The hotel is everything you can read on the web about it. So far, so good. To sample the food is yet to come but here is the one and only picture of the bed.

That will do nicely. I thank you!
That will do nicely. I thank you!

So picture of the car tomorrow. Rep coming to see us at 11-00, why? Never mind means not an early rise and we are sure he was the guy two years ago who said,”Ah, yes Kavos. They destroyed it.” When we had an in depth conversation about where the Greek tourist industry went wrong. We have not stayed in this hotel before but it really seems ticketyboo. Only 17 rooms, so it’s never going to overwhelm us. And the view from our balcony? Well it looks something like this:

Can't be bad can it?
Can’t be bad can it?
I think we're going to fit in just fine.
I think we’re going to fit in just fine.

Dinner beckons and then early doors. After all we did get up at 5-20 a.m. More tomorrow if you would like it. Perhaps an explore and more pics of the hotel.

Take care, everyone. M & M xxxx