One of the pictures of that strange hotel corridor set up, that we never published previously.
One of the pictures of that strange hotel corridor set up, that we never published previously.

For the first time we are typing our final blog, back home on the laptop.
Now where were we? Ah, yes Singapore and I think we both felt we could have done with a little more time there. However, this may have been because our one full day descended into a rather soaked affair after lunch, as we said in our last blog. The evening was dry and we had a splendid last dinner just by the river being served by some rather nubile young waitresses, and I am pleased to say that Mary chose the venue not Malcolm.

Don't have too much wine you could confuse this with St.Pauls and the Millenium wheel!
Don’t have too much wine you could confuse this with St.Pauls and the Millenium wheel!

We mused on the last six weeks and couldn’t remember having one duff meal. We mused on the scenery we had seen and the adjectives that we had so early on run out of, to describe just what we were seeing. We had gone from great green pastures to burnt out grass lands to monster lakes and towering snow capped mountains.

The whole place came alive at night.
The whole place came alive at night.
Oh yes, once we dried out we got wet inside with a Singapore sling in "Raffles". Well, it had to be done didn't it?
Oh yes, once we dried out we got wet inside with a Singapore sling in “Raffles”. Well, it had to be done didn’t it?

The rather funny happening was last Tuesday leaving Melbourne and John pointing out the park that was closed off for the first Grand Prix of the season. Then when we arrived in Singapore the taxi driver pointed out the Singapore F1 track. I thought the Singapore event was more near the end of the season than in fact it is: six more follow it and it all ends in Abu Dhabi.

So there you have it. Thanks to Audley for a great time, brilliantly organised and such varying venues. On the whole we think the B & B’s came out on top of the Hotels, simply because you meet other folk at breakfast and can chat about where you are going and where you have been.

Sorry Frank, I did ask for a group shot of the lovely Singapore cabin staff on the journey home but they suddenly went all camera shy on me! We got up at 7a.m. in Singapore, flew for 14 hours and arrived at Heathrow the same day at 6pm. In our brains it was actually 4a.m. by the time we got to bed (real time 8pm), our lovely daughter Hannah having picked us up. Sleep didn’t come easily last night and wakefulness overtook us at one point. So we may well be in bed very early again tonight. We picked Dillon up who survived his extended stay in the cattery and seemed most pleased to be back home. The staff showed us a very funny video of him moving his water bowl back towards himself, when they had moved it away. Should be on ‘U tube.’

Not by the window but together in the middle. Nice.
Not by the window but together in the middle. Nice.
Just can't quite see the lovely lady behind me!
Just can’t quite see the lovely lady behind me!

So that is that dear readers. Thank you for your company the whole thing has been a ball. Really good to read your comments so far from home and deeply appreciated by us both. And while we were away the lovely Rod, who looks after my Lexus, had done it up a treat, after too many people had decided to run into the back of me on and off since I bought it.

Looking good Rod!
Looking good Rod!

Ah, the last one and nothing quite like your own.
Ah, the last one and nothing quite like your own.

Do take care, we shall miss doing the blog as much as many of you have said you will miss reading it. I will not say how many pictures we have to chose from and edit for the book; suffice to say I am so pleased they are not ‘rolls’ of film any more because they may have needed a small bag of their own! Memories we have in abundance as well as the pictures. M & M.


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Malcolm and Mary

Malcolm worked for LWT. Mary worked for TRL. They live near Camberley in Surrey and did achieve their life long ambition to visit New Zealand. They have two daughters Laura and Hannah and two grandchildren Zach & Safi. Having done the big trip they then went to Canada, which was amazing. Scroll down it’s all here. They have visited Venice that they both so fell in love with in 2009 again. And recently returned to Lefkada for one week in glorious sunshine. Where next? Well, Canada is calling again in 2019; this time including Alaska. So stay tuned if you enjoy the ups and downs of travelling.

14 thoughts on “THE PARTY’S OVER! DAY 41”

    1. Oooooh! Hello. So glad you both enjoyed it.
      Doctors next Friday for the wretched knee but it didn’t stop us doing anything until about the last week, by which time it had really deteriorated. Must get over to see you both soon. Take care and thank you so much. M & M

  1. It was so cool to follow your progress from Singapore over India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and wherever…We gave in at 6hr 30mins into your flight as sleep called….So half way anyway….You certainly had the best of the weather in NZ, well done!…Tomorrow we are expecting a visit from Pam…The worst tropical Cyclone EVER in the Pacific…It has just destroyed much of Venuatu (Atlases Quick) in the island group North of NZ and is now heading our way….We took the warnings seriously enough to stock up on bread, batteries, canned soup and a camping stove and gas canisters!!!! Can’t start the day without me cuppa! So well done and yes we’ll miss reading the daily blog…Flinders gets very noisy when F1 starts Darn…I missed the practice today…Too busy buying emergency things like Whiskey and beer!..The storm is due to hit here in exactly 24 hours from now….Fingers crossed and be careful of flying trampolines….M&S

    1. OMG. You must let us know how you get on, it is featuring on the news over here.
      The flight was amazing in that on the map they put up on the screen, half the places, no even more, we had never heard of………….Atlas alert! The bugga was they shut all the windows and tried to make us sleep, we were in the middle of the plane, and I got up at one point to look out of the window, the window seat was vacant (why didn’t I sit there and get the camera out!). We were flying near the Caspian Sea (?) and the scenery was stonking and skies completely clear. Another golden opportunity missed. Trouble was every time I lifted the blind it was like someone had turned a 10k on and the whole cabin lit up. I could feel the vibes from all the others trying to get some shut eye. By the time I thought sod it and got the camera, the moment had passed and cloud had engulfed the view. Never mind we have over almost 1,000 pictures of the trip, which are fantastic. So did we really need high level shots of mountains we have never been to? No not really but it did look great!
      Take care chums, thanks again for the hospitality and guided tour. We have only watched about 20 minutes of the video and it’s looking pretty good.
      M & M

    1. Really glad you both enjoyed it. All good news re Jackie, which made a wonderful end to our journey at Heathrow. The other marvellous thing was that they gave us a red ‘speedy’ card to get us through customs; we wish we could have one of those every time, because that queue at passport control can sometimes be tedious. And after a 14 hour flight you really don’t want to be standing forever, and we didn’t!!! See you soon. M & M

    1. Been fantastic and thanks for the inspiration because without your American adventures we would never have thought of doing it. Just been such fun! And without your teach in, we wouldn’t have known what the hell to do! So a big thank you and god help us sorting through those pictures. See you next week Simon and I’ll try not to enter Mary’s flower pictures as my own! M & M

  2. Welcome home, metaphorically speaking. (currently on a monorail, as you do!) Glad you had a good trip back. We’ll be doing the same tomorrow night 😦 See you soon no doubt!

  3. A lot of fun reading your blog and I’m glad you enjoyed the jottings of your various correspondents.

    Will certainly be interested to see a selection of your massive photo archive in due course.


    1. Frank it is unbelievable, I feared the computer would run completely out of memory when I downloaded them all! We also had ones from mobile phones that the iPad would not download for some reason best known to its self. Quite a trip, quite a cost but hey that’s why we flogged ourselves to death at the coal face for all those years isn’t it? Doing a 90 hour week has suddenly had its compensations.
      The ‘various jottings’ made it for us quite frankly. (No pun intended) You did feel that others were vaguely interested in what you were doing and that’s what friends and chums are all about. A collective interest in ‘stuff’ and one another.
      See you soon, must get back to Nerina re the Ob’s tomorrow! Life goes on! And I suppose back to normality. M & M

    1. Thanks Denny, as you have followed the blog not much more to hear! I’m sure Mary will tell a tale of adventure and sights that were way beyond my writing and narrative skills. Our biggest surprise upon return was no leaves on the trees! Funny when you have seen trees with them on and flowers in bloom, for over a month to be suddenly faced with bare ones. M & M

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